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Gesu Centennial Celebration

Reconnect with classmates and friends on Saturday, July 30, 2022! Register for the reunion and/or support Gesu Church and School with a gift.

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A.J. Desmond and Sons Funeral Directors
Akers Francie
Aldo Mastro
Allen Lewis
Amanda Coleman
Ame Blaine
Amy Hathaway
Amyre Loomis
In honor of Alexis Raymond Milton Loomis
Hi all! Gesu School is forever in my heart...
Anaya Miles
Andrea Casey
Andrew Lapetina
Andrew Leidlein
In honor of John & Alex Leidlein
Angela Patterson
Angela Wisniewski
Anita Sevier
Gesu School--Still going strong. Keep up the good work!
Ann Lagrou
Ann Love
Looking forward to attending and catching up with my Gesu friends!
Ann Oswald Benett
In honor of Jim, Mo and Maggie Oswald
Ann Samul
Looking forward to seeing my childhood friends!!
Ann Ward
Great community to grow up In Detroit ♥️ Keep going so many more generations can benefit.
Ann-Nora Hirami
In honor of Soichiro "Patrick" & Cynthia Hirami
THE Jesuit church I feel so invested in and THE Catholic school in Detroit that never fled to the suburbs.
Anne Byrne
Incredible community- thank you for contributing to my wonderful childhood!
Anne Felosak
Anne Nelson
Annette Collins
In memory of Angie, Jerry and Bob Crongeyer
Always with gratitude, I recall the great Blessings of a fine education, the taught/influenced love of our Lord and our Faith, critical thinking, debating, athletic and social skills and the valued life of loving service, passed on by the IHM Sisters, our Holy Priests, teachers, and staff as well as from our enormous Gesu Community/Family. +You will show me the path to life, fullness of joys in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever.+ Psalm 16:11
Annie Bussinger
I have such fond memories of my grade school years at Gesu. The very first earth day made a huge impact on me, thanks to all of the teachers who went all out for that important day. I commute by bicycle and have for many years and I thank all of the cool nuns for being so passionate about the importance of this so very important stewardship!
Anonymous Donor
Arnell Smith
My son attended Gesu school from preschool through junior high. Gesu produce excellent students with strong values. Additionally, it was a privilege to interact with many of the students and parents over the years.
Arquita Hawkins
Art Villarruel
Barbara Douglas
In memory of James and Connie Bernardi
In memory of my parents who instilled their love of life long learning to my siblings and me.
Barbara Hathaway
In memory of Brian John Doherty
Barbara Novak
Looking forward to the reunion and seeing Gesu school again!
Benedict Wakim
Benjamin Nelson
Benny Milton
Looking forward to seeing all of my Class of '76 Alumni!!!
Beth Patton
Betsy Reid
Best Elementary School ever!
Bill DeGenaro
Bill Manns
Gesu is an amazing Church and School; my life would not be the same if I had not attended Gesu. Thank you for pouring so much into me and the other alums. Bill Manns Class of 1980
Bill Manns
Bill Selde
Billie Hickey
Bob Baugh
Bob Miller
Bob Toohey
Bobbie Jordan
Brian Brennan
Brian Koehler
Brian O'Rourke
Brian Perry
Bridget Schick
Bridgette Simon
Brigette Clavon
Brittany Betties
This is the parish I grew up coming to!
Bruce Angel
In honor of To all that are no longer with us from the Class of 1966
Bruno Pigott
In honor of James Butler
Camille Orse-Simpson
Cara Massey
Great childhood memories and a wonderful education.
Carl Schmidt
Carla Glamb Rivers
In honor of Barbara Glamb and Elaine Bradley
Grateful for the love and memories of our Mothers and the best friend (Erica Bradley) I made at Gesu over 45 years ago because our moms brought us there. May they both RIP.
Carla Graham
It provided me with a wonderful educational and religious experience.
Carla Preston
In honor of Carmen and James Preston
Gesu Giants Rock! Gesu was a wonderful place to learn, meet new friends and enhance my Catholic faith. Thank you to the fantastic staff especially Sr. Stella, Sr. Ceceila, Sr. Norine. Cheers!
Carlton Orse
In memory of Kristen G. Orse
Carlyle Wimberly
Keep up the good work
Carol Garibaldi
Carol Hermes
In memory of Patricia and Edward Snyder - long time parishioners
Carol Smith
Carol Yerby
In memory of Paul & Lenora Yerby
Carrie Simmons
I joined Gesu church with my late husband, Judge Louis F. Simmons, over 30 years ago. The Gesu Parish community has been very supportive of my family for so many years. Congratulations to Gesu Church for its' 100 anniversary!
Cassie Brown
Catherine Partalis
Great childhood memories and friends come to mind.
Catherine Porretta Pasquale
Looking forward to seeing old classmates..0.
Cathleen Lee
Cathy Hardaway
Cathy Lee
In honor of 100 years of faith, service and community.
Cedric Thomas
Celeste Orse-Hatchett
In memory of Robert and Marion Orse
Appreciated the very good education we received at Gesu. Also in the class of '71. Liked the comment of class of '72 being 50 yrs special! That's special! Loving it!!
Cesar Cuellar
Thanks Anita
Charles A Dickerson
Chase Thebault
Cheri Yarwood
Cherrie Willis
Cherrie Willis (Benbow)
Cheryl Day
Cheryl Sullivan
Cheryl Vincent
Chip Dawson
In memory of Nancy Dillon Dawson
Single Mom who made sure we had the best educational opportunities.
Chris Bauer
The older you get, the more you appreciate having your Gesu education, Gesu friends and the value of Gesu's commitment to our neighborhood.
Chris Elliard
Chris Segue
Christa Laurin
Christina Floyd
This was the best educational foundation to get me where I am today. Sister Stella and Father Dillon were invaluable to us in those years at Gesu..
Christopher Cavanagh
Christopher Knoll
Christopher Miranda
Looking forward to catching up with Classmates from '73. See you there!
Christopher Sharbatz
Class of 1972. 50 years for us. We should be considered Special at the reunion.
Chtistopher Simpson
Chuck Cusick
Clashow Barker II
Claudia DeBose
Connie Craig
Connie Ross
Connie Sfire
In memory of Dr & Mrs Robert McKnight
Constance M Casey
Craig Preston
Crystal Davidson
Cynita Smith-Watson
Daina Howze
Gesu gave me the Christian values and discipline that I gave today. Daina Perry Howze Class of 1978
Daina Howze
Dana Mitchell
good luck
Daniel & Gerri Burress
We were all blessed. Gesu church and school provided the Burress boys (5 of us) with an exceptional educational, ethical, and spiritual foundation which prepared us for the many challenges we would meet as we matured to adulthood. i was the youngest and am the last one still standing. Thank you, and best of luck as you continue with your good work.
Daniel Moons
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Van Antwerp
Daniel and Gerri Burress
Darlene Frederick
In memory of Lee and Ellen Butcher, Frank and Ann Lakomy
Thank you for providing an outstanding Catholic education for all current and future students!
Dave Rodriguez
David Cieslak
David Cogo - Squire
David Ford
David Handley
David Massaron
It is a great school and offers strong values for a diverse student body.
David Mueller
Get out and vote! On the fence of coming.
David Poole
David Tschirhart
David Zink
Lots of great memories back in the day!
Davis Greene
Davita Stewart
Dawn Evans-Casey
Dawn Fraser-Green
In honor of My loving mom Maviis Fraser
Dawn Haney Day
Dawn Murray
Deb Longuski
Debbie Malott (Leger)
Deborah Grobbel Johnson
In honor of Gary Grobbel
Loved my time at good ole Gesu!
Deborah McEvoy
Deborah Smith-Parker
Debra Black
Deharmony Foreman
Dennis Kramer
So many Great memories and lifelong friends!! We are all very lucky to be part of the Gesu Community.
Dennis Lakomy
In memory of Lee and Ellen Butcher, Frank and Ann Lakomy
Thank you for providing an outstanding Catholic education to all current and future students!
Desiree' Simmons-Dismuke
Detroit Moped Works
Devona Junior-Anderson
In memory of Dorothy V. Junior
DiAnne Patterson Schultz
DiAnne Patterson Schultz
In memory of Robert C. Schultz
It has been a wonderful journey; may it continue to be!
Diane Couey
Diane Mato
Donna Beauregard
Donna Craft Washington
Donna Johnson
All the way to heaven 87, where the foundation for true friendship began
Donna V Smith
Thank you for your ongoing educational and ethical standard of excellence.
Doris Vansen
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 30th.
Dottie Kolinski Gubow
Looking forward to seeing friends and classmates
Dr. Melvin Hinton
Dr. Sharen Nevins
Dr. Sharen Randolph- Nevins
Duke Marlin
I have many friends that are alumni.
Earl King
Gesu is an institution of higher learning that has supported the community and contributed to the success of so many leaders and I would like to contribute to the continuation of this legacy
Ed Fisher
In memory of Edward F. Fisher, Sr and Carol C. Fisher
Both Gesu alums, Mom & Dad gave me the gift of a Gesu education, for which I will be forever grateful.
Edgar Lewis
Edward Parks
Edward Pilchowski
Edward Shumaker
Edwin Robinson
Eileen Hughes
Eileen Vincent
The school has left a big impression on me for my entire life
Elaine Johnston
Elizabeth James
In honor of Alice and Harvey James
Gesu opened my mind, spirit and heart. It prepared me to live a thoughtful and loving life. Eternal gratitude to those who set me on my path. I’ll forever be a Gesu Giant!
Elizabeth Wright
Gesu Church and school are blessings to our community. Praying that this Catholic foundation continues for another century. God's blessings to all of our Gesu Family, community and friends.
Ellen Koehler
Paul Koehler
Ellen McCarthy
Elmer Collier
Emmett Moten
I support Gesu because of the close community, and to serve God. Emmett & Loran Moten
Emmie Matous
Eric Drummond
Look forward to seeing old friends after many, many moons...
Eric Hamlar
Eric Hansknecht
Eric Jefferson
Erica Wilson
In honor of Elaine Bradley and Barbara Glamb
My best friend’s mom Barbara Glamb and my mom Elaine Bradley sent us to Gesu School for a good education ❣️
Eugene Gargaro
Eve Arnold
A great tradition of religious education.
Fadrah Crowe
May GESU have 100 more years of great memories!
Fawn Day
In honor of Mrs. Horgan my third grade teacher. Sheinspired me to be the teacher I am today.
Felix Ebio
First Independence Bank
Fr. Innocent Kamanzi S.J
Fr. Jeff Dorr, SJ
Gesu Church and School is an incredible institution that touches and has touched the lives of a tremendous number of people. It is an honor for me to be able to spend my first years as a priest at Gesu! - Fr. Jeff
Fr. Lorn Snow
Fr. Robert Scullin S.J.
Francesca Ortiz
A great foundation for my life.
Frank Liesman II
Look forward to the Reunion
Gail Ayala Taylor
In memory of Reginald P. Ayala
Gail Scallen
Gary Clark
Gary Hanafee
Gary Wright, SJ
Gene Leger
I would love to serve as a deacon at the Mass!
Genevieve Houston
Genevieve Williams
George Kelly
George Kelly
In honor of Walter E. and Helen Kelly
Go Giants.
George Kristy
Gerald LeCarpentier
Gerald Showiak
Gesu Church & School
Gilbert Sunghera, SJ
Ginny O'Connor
Gladys Ayala Prempeh
Glory Palmer
Congratulations on 100 years! God bless this loving community!
Greg Cascione
Greg Clark
Gregory Louis Craft
Gesu is a part of my foundation, my upbringing, my religion, and launching pad in life.
Gretchen Mayberry-Mckay
I support Gesu because it was my family outside of my family. It was my home away from home. We had so much fun. It was always something to do at Gesu! Not to mention, we had an Awesome principal, Sister Stella!💚Gesu Giants For Life!! CLASS OF 85💚
Guy Stanley
Hayward Maben
In honor of Mrs. Carrie Maben
Helen Marie Berg
Henry Bodiya
What a great education, friends for life, and such a wonderful gift to the neighborhood.
Holly Bennetts
Holly McMain
India Manns
Wife of Billy Manns Jr. class of 1980
Isaac Tedla
In honor of Constance West Tedla
Great church/ community
Isabel Smith
Isaure Yates
J. Addison & Marion M. Bartush Family Foundation
In gratitude for the excellent educational, ethical, and spiritual foundation I received at Gesu. These blessings were gracefully and lovingly dispensed by, among others, Sister Paetra, Sister Ann Pauline, Sister Valerie, Sister John Elizabeth, Sister Ann Pauline (again), Sister Jonathan, Mrs. Enderby, and Mrs. Roy. Also, in thanks for the classmates who contributed so much to the many happy memories of youth I still enjoy and treasure.
Jack Betts
Gesu is a diverse community of warm, considerate people and clergy.
Jack Isaia (Sayed)
Jacqueline Ford
Jalen Hamlett
James "Andy" Stevens
'72 Gesu Giants, league football champs!!
James Bobbitt
James Dixon
Miguel Biagas
James Knaus
In memory of Charles A. Knaus, 1959 Alumnus
Hoping that the Class of 1960 attends and contributes generously.
James Sweeney
James Whalen
Jane Philipp Bouton 1948
Janeen Foreman
In honor of Kirk McCarthy
Janet Baiardi
Janet Diggs
Janet Drabecki
Janet Kubicki - Bilse
In honor of Katie Reese
Can’t wait to see everybody again! Looking forward to it!
In honor of Benjamin A Williams
My Dad. He was a devout Roman Catholic. He lived the Church.
Janis Ernst
Janis Mueller
Best school and church in Detroit and a great neighborhood.
Jason Blacksheare
In honor of Armeshia Cecile Blacksheare
Jason Brooks
In memory of My parents and Neddra Brooks
Jean Lewis
In memory of My husband, Bennie Lewis Jr.
I am a long standing parishioner and my children, Kyra & Vincent received an excellent education at Gesu.
Jeanne Flynn
Jeffrey G. Nutt, J.D
Jennifer Keuten
Jennifer Miltenburg
Jennifer Thebault
Jennifer Trewern
Jenny Thebault
Jeremy Lewis
Jerome C. Cavanagh
Jerry Carroll
Jerry Delaney
Jill Kress
Jill McCoy
Jim Howard
Jim Keimig
In honor of Florence and John Rittersdorf
Jim Kolinski
In honor of Steve Sage
Jim Moravek
Jim Roddy
Joan Lenahan
Joanna Powell
Joanne Spearman
Joe Hazebrook
Johanna Antrassian
In honor of Sr. Anna Patrias, teacher in the 1970's, our great aunt!
John Anderson
Can't wait to see everyone!
John Barrett
I have fond memories of my years at Gesu
John Daniels
Gesu formed us so deeply! We lived in Gesu from 1970 - 2000. Worship, outreach, community, and faith formation in a racially and economically diverse congregation made us so much more than we would have been otherwise. We are who we are today because of Gesu. We aim to become who we are to become because of the foundations and relationships that give our lives direction - toward God's love in action, in everything, everywhere.
John Dubosh
It's a great parish!
John Hughes
John McElhone
Names, faces and memories of friends and teachers are filling my heart and mind in this moment! So many good times!
John O'Neill
The IHM sisters loved us and while attending U-D across the street, the Charismatic Prayer Group were a source of encouragement, love, and healing. I continue to attend Gesu when in town and occasionally via Zoom
John Stabnick
Jolene Bodiford
Jonathan Donahue
Jordan Todd
Joseph (Jay) Bartush '63
Joseph J. Moch
Thank you Gesu for your dedication!
Joseph Kristy
Joseph Maurer
Joseph Moch
Joseph Moynihan
Wonderful education and memories
Joseph Naoum
Joseph Offer
Joseph Rossiter
Joseph Spryszak
Joseph Yamin
Joseph joseph e hathaway
In honor of Helen Cheviron Hathaway Class of 1935 John C Hathaway Class of 1964
Helen Cheviron Hathaway Class of 1935 John C Hathaway Class of 1964
Joseph joseph e hathaway
Joshua Rogers
Joyce Angel
In memory of Joseph Angel
Great memories of a great school and education!
Joyce Law
Congratulations on 100 blessed years
Judy Brown
Judy Gumbel
Judy Jefferson
Judy Stallings Whittaker
Judy Valenti
I loved going to Gesu! Best grade school experience ever! I made friendships that continue to this very day. I will always remember that Pete Smith was the only classmate that beat me in gym for our time clocked as we ran individually around the gym in 8th grade!
Juliane Bauer
I am so grateful my parents sent us to Gesu. My friends ask why I attend my grade school reunion and not High School. I tell the Gesu is a community I feel connected to, a place of happy memories! Thank you all for being Gesu!
Julie Brewster
In honor of Vernon and Carol Witkowski
Our family enjoyed many happy years with Gesu Parish and School.
Julie Kramer Koehler
In memory of Richard and James Kramer
Julie Walton
Looking forward to seeing the school again after 44 years
June Porter
In honor of My parents: Albert and Mary Mays Porter
I am grateful to my parents for moving to the University District when I was young and joining Gesu parish, 50 years ago. As an adult, I still call Gesu my home church and truly appreciate the Jesuits for maintaining a church and school in Detroit for 100 years.
Justin Klimko
K Day
Thank you!
Kafi Williams
Karen Fisher
In memory of Stephen Hansknecht
Karen Gaskill
Karen Heidelberg
Karen LeCarpentier
Karen Marsh
Karen Peek
In honor of Katherine Peek
Honoring my mother’s love and commitment to the school and parish.
Karen Peek
Karen Randolph-Miller
Karen Rease Clark '77
Karen Rease-Clark
Gesu School continues to be a strong foundation of education and values for children. Go Gesu!!!
Karen Rease-Clark
Karen Roth (Knoth maiden)
Gesu was the foundation of a great education. I still have so many fond memories of my teachers and classmates.
Karen Smith-Valenti
In memory of Brother: Larry Smith; Sister: Dr Joanne Smith-Repicky
Karen Van Antwerp
Being part of the Gesu community brings joy to my heart!
Katharine McEvoy
The incredible education triangle ( Gesu, Immaculata & U of D) that our parents (Joe & Lindy) gave us has come back 10-fold. Michael, Mary Jo, Debby, Kathy, Jim & Chris. Thank you Mom & Dad for the gift of a lifetime. I still love diagraming sentences ( gracias Sr Charles Borromeo ). Gesu school/parish made my childhood pure joy.
Katherine Loomis
My educational and spiritual experiences, friends, teachers, and classmates all contributed to the shaping of me as a human being. I loved being a part of the Gesu community!
Kathleen Barrett
My happiest days as a child were spent within the walls of Gesu. What wonderful memories of the teachers and students that helped guide me.
Kathleen Buckley
Kathleen Fouche Brazzle
Kathleen O'Rourke Jefferson
In honor of Our parents Thomas and Rosemary O'Rourke
Kathleen Reilly
Kathleen Rogers
In memory of My Sister, Margaret Ann Rogers
Congratulations and blessings to Gesu on its Centennial Celebration. May Gesu Parish continue its ministry to the Detroit community for years to come.
Kathleen Samul
Kathleen Samul
Gesu has provided our family with a thoughtful and meaningful place to practice our faith for 45 years. We have celebrated weddings, births, sacraments, and the end of life with the Gesu Community. We appreciate the support of the Jesuits and the parish teams that have always been there for our family.
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith-Walker
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen TANNIAN/Marrocco
Kathleen Whalen O’Shea
In honor of Rita Ellis who always kept us connected to our Gesu friends and families!!!
Kathleen Wider
Kathryn Ayala
In honor of Reginald Ayala
Kathy Cieslak Baids
Kathy Kristy
Kathy Saunders
Started my teaching career at Gesu. Those five years set the foundation for my entire successful career! Recently retired after thirty plus years of teaching.
Kathy Witkowski-Jacobs
Stolat Gesu!
Katie Kerwin
Keisha Duvall
Shelia Duvall
Keith Morales
We’ve all gone through a lot
Keith Sims
In honor of Lawrence H. Sims, OD
Keith Thompson
Kelly Burns Goldberg
Kelly Campos
So excited to bring my family to see the old stomping grounds!
Kelly Dean
I had the best educational experience, both academically and socially at Gesu!
Ken Lamb
Kevin Baugh
Kevin Lesinski
In memory of Don Stevens
I'm looking forward to seeing my classmates and fellow alums at the reunion in July!
Kevin Lesinski '70
Kevin Smith
Kevin Uhl
In honor of Richard K Uhl
My father cherished Gesu school & church
Kimberley Brown Naylor
I have Great memories of a great school and education! Gesu was my foundation to my wonderful life!!!
Kimberly Bright
I appreciate the excellent education I received at Gesu!
Kimberly Bright
In honor of My teacher, Sr Florence Gillet - who also taught my Auntie Barbara Tear
Kimberly Stodghill (Mintet-Walker)
In memory of Robert and Krisseda Pryor, Joseph and Mariam Stodghill, Grady and Margaret Ashworth
My brother Ron and I are looking so forward to seeing some of our classmates. Time has flown indeed!
Kris Moravek
In memory of My parents John Anhut and Catherine Anhut
In gratitude to my parents for the gift of a Gesu education.
Kristie Mimms
In honor of Mike Seay and all students who have passed away
Kristin Donahue Ries
Kristin Marshall
Kyra Lewis Leverett
Wonderful memories, lifelong friendships and strong academic foundation
Lara Mulawka
Larry Sullivan
In honor of Paul & Virginia Sullivan
Laura Kray Baugh
Lauren Sears
Laurie Dorich
Lawrence David Duffield; Donna Duffield
In honor of Robert and Maureen Duffield married in Gesu Church
Wonderful memories of Gesu school and all the friends, many still friends today!
Lawrence Grady
Lea Seaborn
Leah Robinson
Leo Gabriel
God be with you.
Lesley Montgomery
Leslie Bullo
In memory of my brother Brian Doherty
Lia Shreve
In honor of Sharon & Clifford Kelley
I am so excited to attend Gesu’s Centennial Birthday’! So many great memories & friends for a lifetime!!!!
Liam Williamson
Lillian (Rene) Brooks
Looking forward to the celebration!
Linda (Jefferson) Evans
Gesu was my foundation in so many ways. Looking forward celebrating 100 years of excellence along with my ‘69, ‘71 & ‘73 siblings!
Linda Ernst
In honor of Jeanine Ellis. Joe Ostrowski, and any other of our 1980 class that we have lost.
Looking forward to seeing all the friends, classmates, and hopefully teachers to celebrate all the learning, love and life lessons we shared.
Linda Gostinger
In memory of my parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Knoth who were married at Gesu Church in November, 1936.
Thanking my parents for making sure their four children had a Catholic education with the Jesuit priests and the IHM Sisters knowing we would have an excellent education. My brother, Michael was a successful steel salesman, married with two children, Amy and Tim. My sister, Karen, earned her Doctorate from MI State University, and went on to be Asst. Superintendent in Southfield Schools, and Grosse Isle School District I, Linda, earned my Masters from U of Michigan from the Horace H. Racham School of Graduate Studies and was a High School Teacher for 43 years teaching at Garden City High School, and Port Huron Northern High School, the subjects: Biology, Life Science, Health, Psychology. Married John have three successful children, Katie, Steve, and Brian. My brother, Patrick, worked for the State of MI in the Dept of Social Services and is in a Band as the lead guitar player, has two children, Kim and Geoff. I support Gesu because of the excellent education we received to become successful in our life endeavors.
Linda Keimig
In honor of Florence & John Rittersdorf
Gesu Parish has provided a "rock-solid" foundation for so many Detroit families for 100 years! The Church and School continue to be such an essential part of the community. Looking forward to seeing everyone in July!
Linda Lhota
Linda McMIllan
In honor of In honor of fellow teachers Maria and Tammy
Lindy Offer
Lisa Dixon
Lisa Hansknecht
Lisa Robinson
Liz Comerford
Lorraine Mc Laughlin
Lou Offer
Louise Thibodeau Winhusen
Many fond memories of Gesu Church and Gesu School. Loved May Day and Holy Thursday rites ,and putting on special shows at school,
Lynn Stevens Naoum
In honor of Mary Andrecovich
Awesome teacher/woman who had a profound impact on the course of my life.
MJ Hilker
Love Gesu!
Maceo Foster
In memory of Mr. Thomas Offer
In remembrance of my GESU classmate and wonderful childhood friend, Mr. Thomas Offer
Madison Jackson
I’ve been at this school since I was in preschool!! I love it
Madonna Rose
Marchette Richardson
Because I made some of my best experiences there.
Marcia Cooke
In honor of Ella Randolph Cooke
Marcia Markey
In memory of John C Schwarz
Marcus Craft
Margarita Dobry
Marge Sears
Marguerite Barrett
Maria Paulina Leon Tovar
Maria Salinas
Maria Woodruff-Wright
I continue to be blessed by the education and friendships that were cultivated at Gesu.
Marian Andrews
Marian McMechan
Marie Schimelfening
In honor of Rev Norman Dikson
Marie Thibodeau
Hope to see a lot of folks from the class of "68!!!
Mark Hansknecht
Mark Jones
Can’t wait!
Mark Josaitis
Mark Lezotte
Mark McCarthy
In memory of Kirk Patrick McCarthy
Always a Gesu Giant
Mark Minbiole
Mark Petrini
Mark Petrini alumnus 1963
Mark Petrini
Mark Petrini, in attendance 1958-1963 (K-5th), class of 1967
Marleen Merriweather
Martha Bommarito
Martha Manare
Looking forward to a celebration with my Gesu family.
Martin Hilker
Marty Cieslak
Marvelyn Harden
Mary (Church) Sloan
Mary Chris Foxworthy
Hoping the class of 1966 has a large turnout!
Mary Clare McCormick
Mary Ferris
Mary Fisher Follmer
Mary Foerg
Mary Fulmer
Mary Gay Dooley Morden
Mary Halpin
In memory of Jack and Betty Halpin
Mary Hathaway
Mary Hazebrook
Mary Kay O'Brien-Noteman
Mary Kosut
Mary Leffel-Pollard
Mary Massaron
Mary Nichols
Loved all my 8 fun years!!!
Mary Oswald
Mary Patricia Stacy
Mary Schmidt
Mary Segura
In honor of Mary Lee McCreight
Hoping to see others celebrating our 50 year class reunion!
Mary Sinnett
In honor of Kathy Sinnett
Thanks for picking Gesu Mom!
Mary Sloan
In memory of Theresa & Richard Church
Mary Van Antwerp - Moylan
MaryBeth Lagrou (née Kray)
I have so many wonderful memories of the families and friends I grew up with at Gesu. I am grateful for the solid foundation, good education and many lifelong friendships. I wish every kid could have a Gesu 💚
MaryJo McEvoy
Marybeth Sullivan/Howe
Matt Lagrou
Matthew Dixon
Matthew Naud
Maureen Dooley
In memory of Gabrielle Malcolm & Michael Dooley
Maureen Hart Kramer
Maureen McGrail
Maureen Posler
Maureen Rosette
Maureen Smith
Maureen Stapleton
Gesu Giants 1979. Hope to see ya there.
Meagan Mitchell
Melva Craft-Blacksheare
I started Gesu in 5th grade with Sr. Mary Faith as my first teacher. I remember going to Mary Reparatrix after school on Tuesdays to learn how to sew from the cloistered nuns. I participated in Girl Scouts, Jr Great Books and was a cheerleader in 8th grade. My four children went to Gesu also. I've participated as a parish member for many years. My daughter Armeshia and Mother Lucille were eulogized at Gesu, Gesu will be forever family.
Michael Boisvert
Michael Ernst
Michael Fouche
I establish Gesu, help me established my foundation of Social Justice, God, Country, and Duty.
Michael Heslip
Michael Hovey
Keep up the good work!
Michael Howe
Michael Jefferson
Michael Marrocco
Michael McEvoy
Michael Parker
I attended Gesu from 1965 until 1969. K thru 3rd grade. My family relocated upon my completion of 3rd grade. My few years at Gesu provided me with great moments that I still remember.
Michael Ribant
Michael Thom
Michael Whalen
A wonderful parish community in which to grow up! Lifetime friends and cherished memories of so many learning experiences!!
Michael Workings
Michele Hepburn
Michele Kramer McNary
In memory of Richard L Kramer and Jim Kramer(‘79)
Michelle Chutorash Van Camp
In memory of Gus & Mary Anne Chutorash, Ronald & Richard Chutorash
Keep going “Gesu Strong”!
Michelle Cieslak Knoles
Wonderful memories and still many friends!!
Michelle Gaskill-Hames
In honor of Ivan Gaskill
Gesu Church and School provided me with an exceptional educational and spiritual foundation as a child and young adult. I am eternally grateful! Congratulations on 100 years of blessings and May God pave the way for 100 more!
Michelle Leppek
Michelle Thomas
In honor of Mrs. Regina Williams, Jesse and Gloria Taylor
Gesu was my first stop when my family moved to Detroit. I grew up in Gesu Church, school and community. I've developed lifelong relationships and hope to see classmates I haven't seen in a long time.
Mignon Marshall
In honor of Alexis Mazique
Mike Denton
Mike Denton
Mike and Suzanne Schmidt
Miner's Den
Minnie Russell
Minnie Russell
Monica Moons
Monica Moore
Monique Dooley
Monique Guest
Gesu is a family that has kept many of us together. Looking forward to seeing you all.
Monique Jones
Monna Wejrowski
Muffy Kroha
Myles Tucker
Myra Hawkins
Nancy (Chutorash) Schwei
Nancy Angel
Necole Merritt
Nigel Fullick
In memory of Peter & Peggy Fullick
Enjoyed my impromptu visit to the school last year- after 50+ years -and hope to see some of my classmates from the 60's. Church and school look wonderful as did The High and the University- Great memories.
Nora Barkey
Looking forward to seeing members of the Class of 1961 as we celebrate 61yrs. since graduation!
In honor of In honor of John Joseph and Mary Delores Ulrich Fallon In memory of
In honor of our beloved parents MARY DELORES ULRICH & JOHN JOSEPH FALLON whom provided all seven of us with a strong foundation for our Catholic faith as well as the opportunity and privilege of an excellent Catholic education provided by the religious communities of the IHM Sisters and the JESUIT Priests. Also, in memory of our deceased sister SHARON FALLON MEISNITZER, class of 1959.
Pamela Love
Pamela Morton
I support Gesu because my educational foundation began there. I was enrolled from kindergarten to eighth grade.
Pamela Spencer
Pat Hand
Pat Harrington
Pat Havern
Pat Jones
Pat Perry
Patricia Bruni (Sinnett)
Patricia Clark Hartwig
Patricia Davio
In memory of Paul & Virginia Sullivan family
All of us Sullivan’s have fond memories of our years in Gesu Parish and Gesu school.
Patricia Harrington
In honor of John Hooper
Gesu is an awesome community of people. Thank you for all you've been to me and John.
Patricia Heppler
Go Gesu Giants!
Patricia Villarruel
Patricia Walsh
Patricia Zink
Patrick Duggan
In honor of William Duggan, Sr.
My Dad, part of the Greatest Generation, made sure all his kids received a great education.
Patrick Griffin
Patti Minbiole
Patty Lee
Patty Ortiz
Fond memories of 8 years of growing up in the Gesu community - best wishes for continued success!
Patty Segvich
Patty Ten
Paul Diehl
In honor of Gerald & Jo Diehl
Thank you to everyone continuing to help the Gesu community.
Paul Janisse
Although I give to Charitable causes, it feels so much more rewarding to support Gesu School's efforts to educate and help prepare today's children for all of their tomorrows. Love to all of the Gesu Community both past and present!
Paul Kristy
Paul Miller
Paulina Leon
Peggy (Leichtweis) Matta
Great education and great memories! Looking forward to celebrating Gesu and the start of the next 100 years!
Peggy Kolinski / Wescott
In memory of Margaret and Joseph Kolinski
I spent 8 wonderful years at Gesu and am grateful for the terrific education I received there.
Penelope Milliman
We Faber kids lived in Grosse Pointe until moving to Gesu (for me, fifth grade, Sr. Ann Matthew). We didn't realize it till years later, but we had a magical childhood growing up in that Detroit neighborhood where every home seemed to have a minimum of 10 kids each. We were never at a loss for playmates. Walking to and from Gesu each day are some of my fondest memories. The education we received from our beloved nuns and teachers, the faith instilled by our church and the friendships that continue today...have carried us a long way in our lives. I will forever be grateful for my years in the Gesu Parish.
Peter Bauer
I am very grateful for the eduction and period of personal growth.
Peter Kelly
Peter Kroha
Peter Ostrowski
Peter Smith '71
Rachel Blassingame
Rachel Brennan
Gesu has been my parish for over 50 years. My late Husband when to Gesu School as well as our 5 children. 4 Graduated from Gesu and my youngest transferred to U of D High School after the 7th grade.
Raynette Owens
Hello my Gesu Giants keep up the good work!
Renee Derra
In honor of Wally & Rita Hilker
Renee Drayton
Rhonda Taylor
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Taylor
Rhyen Anderson
Richard Baugh
I hope we get a large turnout from1968!!
Richard Lindeman
Happy 100! Best wishes for another successful 100!
Rick Kramer
Rita Chastang
Rita Jones
Rivonne Collins
Rob Scott
Robert Brown
Robert Dewaelsche
Robert Howe Jr
In honor of Robert and Elaine Howe
Robert Latson
In honor of Gilbert Fox
Gesu Church and School is more like a community of like minded individuals who Love and Support your every action. I have grown with my class 0f 84 through the good times and the bad and sad and i must say you all are my true blue friends and i love you so so much......over and out Robert Latson
Robert Marable
In memory of My parents Edward and Dorothy Marable and my sister Diane Marable
Robert Markey
Robert Seals
Robert Seals
Roberta Hawkins Harvey
Romeo Llarena
Ron Robinson
Great memories and lifelong friends.
Ronald Stodghill
Rosa Tinetti
Rose Bush Hepner
Rose Hepner
Rose Lucas
Ruby Duffield
In honor of The many branches of the Head family who attended Gesu.
Thank you for organizing this event. Growing up in the University District was an incredibly enriching experience and Gesu was a big part of that. Looking forward to July 30.
Ryan Brown
Ryon Maples
Sadie Ford
Sandra Battle
In memory of Thelma Olfus
Gesu, a wonderful and caring Community
Sandy Samul Carson
Sarah Gryniewicz
Gesu is such a wonderful heart of love and faith in Detroit. We're thrilled to be a part of the community
Sarah Hackett
Sarah James
In honor of Ann and James Reilly
Sarah Purifoy
Sean Joyce Whipp
So deeply thankful to God for the witness of the Gesu community
Sharon Vlahovich
Shawn Jones
Gesu was and is the best catholic school in the state. There was a warmth in the environment and the faculty. I had a hard life when I was a kid and coming to school was an escape for me. This school taught me religion and I learned the love and grace of God their that carried me thru life!
Shawn Junior
In memory of Dorothy V Junior
50 years
Sheila Lawson Langford
Sheila McCormick Kasenow
Shelia Moss
Shirlene Smith
Sr. Angela Hibbard
Stacey Cole
Stacy Varner
Stephen Sullivan
Sterling White
In honor of Ms. Brown
Always gotta remember the important pillars of your life.
Steve Matous
Steven Miranda
In honor of Dr and Mrs CF Miranda
Our parents had the foresight to send us to Gesu, a decision which proved to be a great investment in our future. Who knew what the future held? Our parents, those great lay teachers and most of all, the tough yet immensely wise IHM nuns :)
Suane Loomis
Oh Happy Day!!
Sue McElhone
In honor of Chuck and Ginny McElhone
My parents, Chuck and Ginny who purposefully moved us to the city to provide a rich and diverse upbringing.
Susan (Savage) Wardle
In memory of Bob and Sharon Savage
Susan Farrell
Susan Kray McDowell
Susan Matous
💚💚 Happy 100th Anniversary Gesu 💚💚💚
Susan Pettis
Susan White
Susanne Reamer McMillan
Tamara Perrin
Tami Stanko
Tamiko Ball
Teddy Berg
Teresa Dooley
Forever grateful for Gesu and the lifelong connections and friendships.
Teresa Stevens
In honor of Agnes M and Donald F Stevens
So grateful for the excellent education received!
Terri Lamb Dellies
Terry Whalen Riga
Theda Gibbs Grey
Theresa McGuire
Therese Bellaimey
In memory of Claudia Bellaimey, Class of 1976
Looking forward to this celebration!
Therese Cavanagh
Therese Comor
In memory of Jocelyn Jones
I met her in 4th grade and we became great friends. We worked together on a Social Studies. I miss her, I love her and I think of her almost every day.
Therese Schneider
Thomas Howe
A Great School within a Great Neighborhood which provided so many Great Memories and a Great Education. It was the Special Families that were a part of GESU parish that I cherished then and now! We are all truly indebted to GESU!!
Thomas Leger
Great school and community!
Thomas Venn
Tiffany Franklin
In honor of Brook Stevenson
We miss you Brook!
Tim Cooney
In honor of Fred and Madelyn Cooney
Tim Janisse
Tim Kuras
In honor of Class of 1959
Tim Scott
Timeaco Lynn
Timothy Koen
In memory of Ann E, Koen
Ann graduated from Gesu in 1969. A brilliant mind and great sense of humor. Ann excelled at everything she did.
Timothy Mack
Looking forward to seeing everyone!!! One of the best things that ever happened to me was moving into Detroit, and the Gesu neighborhood, in 1967. Photo 1970, 1974, 2022
Timothy Watson
In honor of Richard Watson
Tina Jackson
Tina Pickett
Excellent education that I received and good memories!
Tom Cliff
Tom Cliff
In memory of Mrs. Roy
Tom Dooley
In honor of The Dooley family
Looking forward to this great event!!
Tom Isaia
Nine years of a terrific education! Affects the entire rest of your life.
Tom MacDonald
Tom O'Brien
Such a Great School, Parish, Neighborhood & People/Friends!
Tom Roach Jr
Tom Vincent
In honor of John & Virginia Vincent
Tom Zink
Tomasa Matous
Tommy Durkee
Tonya Williams
We look forward to seeing everyone!
Toya HarrIs
In memory of Montoi Floyd
RIH to all of our classmates ! We love and miss you.
Tracy Williams
University of Detroit Mercy
University of Detroit Mercy
I look forward to meeting everyone at the 100th Centennial celebration!
Valerie Betties
Valerie Washington Pitts
Vanusa Lesinski
Looking forward to meeting my husband Kevin's classmates and friends from Gesu.
Vermon Thomas
Veronica Milton
I am grateful for my mother who paid for my tuition. Without her and God, I would not have had this wonderful experience.
Victor Randolph
In honor of Matthew Randolph
Victoria Kovari
Vince Little
Vincent Trent
The formidable years of my life growing up in Detroit.
Viola Wilson
Walter Douglas White
In honor of Rodney Thompson
In memory of fellow classmate and teammate (football and basketball), Rodney Thompson. Gone too soon.
Walter Kelly
Wesley Campbell
William Buhl
William Burton
William Colombo
William Drummond
William Featherson
William Guest
Can’t wait to see everyone.
William HICKEY
Winston Lee
Yvonne Reed
In memory of Anne Marie Peck
Zachary Smith
A a
Carol klosowski
Corliss parker
Craig minbiole
Dave rodriguez
Edsel najor
Gaye martin
Martha wright
In honor of bill wright
Mary vasilchik
In memory of My Grandparents who raised me, and were longtime members and benefactors of Gesu Parish - Mr.and Mrs. James E. Haggerty Sr.
Melissa romano
Melissa romano
Shirley najor
Remembering our brother Winston(Winnie) Najor class of "66.
I am so glad Gesu continues to educate Detroit students!

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